Here are a few little secrets. Women think about things that men don’t, and vice versa. Many women have thoughts that they keep to themselves and will not typically share with their mates. 

All females, be they career women, loving wives, or sexy Canberra escorts, share these same lines of thoughts. So here’s what most women are secretly wondering:

The Reason He Can’t Get An Erection

They’ve been together for a while and have sex regularly. But lately, she noticed that her man couldn’t get an erection or flops midway. 

She will wonder if this is related to the fact that he hasn’t been feeling well lately and has been stressed out about money or work. Or maybe it’s because his parents are sick, and he feels guilty about not spending enough time with them? 

The girl doesn’t know what’s going on in his head, but whatever it is seems like it must be pretty serious for him not to be able to get hard anymore. Most women will not ask their men why they can’t get hard. 

Her Partner Is Cheating On Her

When a woman thinks about her partner cheating on her, it’s important to note that this isn’t just her imagination running away with itself. There are signs that do help her determine whether or not he’s involved in an affair. 

Suppose she notices any of these things, such as his coming home late from work more often than usual or acting differently. In that case, she will keep the thought of his cheating secretly in mind at first. 

She will try to notice other signs, such as his spending more time away from home, like travelling for work. He doesn’t seem interested in sharing details about what he did while away. Another sign she might search for is how he secretly uses his phone. 

Only then, when she has done enough investigation and notes the drastic change in behaviour, will she blurt out the hidden thought that she thinks he is cheating on her. 

Women Fantasise About Sex Often 

You’ll be surprised at what women fantasise about. In a study conducted by researchers, the results showed that women fantasise about sex more often than men, and their fantasies are more detailed and involve greater variety. A woman’s sexual fantasies focus on one person, usually her partner, rather than multiple partners or other people, such as celebrities.

Men and women both have similar fantasies involving acts of intimacy such as kissing, hugging and cuddling. However, men were more likely to think about oral sex. At the same time, women were more likely to imagine intercourse with their current or former partner and other sexual acts such as anal sex or bondage.

In Conclusion

Knowing what your partner is thinking is essential if you’re in a relationship. You can’t always predict what they will say or do, and you are not a mind-reader. Still, if you know their hidden thoughts, then it makes understanding and dealing with a woman less complicated.